The Giraffe is an ultralight modular camera crane. It is versatile, lightweight and easy to place in inaccessible areas. Aerospace alloys, stainless steel, sealed and self-lubricating bearings make it corrosion proof and maintenance free. Pneumatic and tracking wheels are interchangeable without jacking.

Unique design features make the Giraffe unbelievably quick to assemble using a single pocket size ratchet. The crane technician, with one grip, can unload, set-up and be ready to roll in approximately fifteen minutes.

The Giraffe has a remarkable extension range. In its smallest mode it can track through a doorway on its lightweight aluminium swingfold tracks, yet still achieve a lens height of 11 feet. In its longest mode it covers a scene from minus 17 feet to 31 feet.


Maximum Lens Height:
31' or 945 cm

Drop Down:
17' 6" or 533 cm

Maximum Reach:
31' 6" or 944 cm

Maximum Length:
38' 6" or 1173 cm

Minimum Width on Track Mode:
1 2' 4" or 73 cm

Minimum Width on Track Mode:
2-5 3' 9" or 114 cm

Minimum Width on Wheels:
4' 8" or 142 cm

Maximum Doorway Height:
7' 6" or 228 cm

Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight):
648 lbs or 294 kg

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